Oklahoma Correctional Association
Board Meeting
December 17, 2009


The Oklahoma Correctional Association Board meeting was called to order by Christie Kornele at 10:15a.m. in the Northwest District Community Corrections Conference Room located at 900 W. Cherokee, Enid, Oklahoma.

Old Business – there was no old business to discuss.

2009 – 2010 Board Transition – Ms. Kornele and Mr. Salinas will coordinate with Ms. Boyer in the acquisition of Association documents and financial records.

Scholarships – There were no scholarship applications submitted for the 2009 conference. There has been some interest since then. Discussion was held in regard to opening up the submission process again due to donations received last year were specifically ear-marked by the donating vendor for scholarships. The Board agreed to open up the scholarship application process to award the monies donated last year (2009).

Updating of Web-site – Ms. Kornele will speak with Anji Mayfield in regard to updating the Association’s web-site. Ms. Kornele informed the Board that Ms. Mayfield donates her services of updating the web-site to the Association.

ACA – January 22-27, 2010 – Ms. Kornele informed the Board the ACA conference is in Tampa, FL this year and she and Ms. Boyer will attend on the Board’s behalf.

Meeting Locations – Ms. Kornele informed the Board that due to Board members encompassing the state this year, she will confer with Career-Tech in regard to video-conferencing. Mr. Salinas believes Career-Tech can bridge their sites together and possibly with the Department’s poly-com system. This will be explored further.

Training Conference / Seminar(s) – Discussion was held in regard to the seminars and annual training conference in 2009 & 2010. The Board voted to continue the one-day training seminars throughout the state, offer to partner with the Department of Corrections Training and Staff Development Unit to deliver state mandated training (supervisory & CLEET). This partnership would include providing training opportunities for all corrections professionals. Discussion regarding the Association’s annual training conference and business meeting will be held at the next board meeting.

Newsletter – Ms. Kornele would like to issue a newsletter after the first of the year. Please submit an article for inclusion by the end of January 2010.

Standing Committee Assignments – Ms. Kornele informed the Board standing committee assignments have been made as required by the Association’s By-laws. These assignments are (1) Scholarship & Awards Committee - Lisa Burlingame/+ six more members, (2) Archival Committee - Christie Kornele/Jose Salinas, (3) Nomination/Election Committee - Penny Brooksher/Ronnie Carrico/Cindy Gill/Debbie Boyer, (4) Conference Committee - selected by the President-Elect (choose members as necessary), (5) Resolutions and Legislation Committee - selected by the Vice-President (choose members as necessary), (6) Constitution and By-Laws Committee - selected by the Vice-President (choose members as necessary), (7) Budget Committee - Cindy Gill/Jose Salinas/+ two others selected by the chairpersons, (8) Membership Committee - Debbie Boyer/Kathi Sappington/+ one more member.

Officer Reports – there were no officer reports.

New Business – The board voted to continue the annual subscription to “Survey Monkey.” This subscription is used for seminar/conference registration.


Christie Kornele, Penny Brooksher, Jose Salinas

Minutes submitted by:    Jose Salinas, Treasurer
Approved by:                    Christie Kornele, President