Oklahoma Correctional Association
Board Meeting
June 21, 2010 - 2:30 pm

Cameron Building - Oklahoma City OK

Attendees: Penny Brooksher, Christie Kornele, Jose Salinas, Ronnie Carrico, Debbie Boyer


The Oklahoma Correctional Association board meeting was called to order by Christie Kornele at 2:35 p.m. in the Cameron Building, 2901 N. Classen, Oklahoma City, OK.

Certificate of Deposit Information Update –the association has two CDs at the Central Bank of New Jersey.  They are seven year CDs and are earning a significant percentage of interest in relation to current rates.  The contact person on the accounts has not been changed since Treasurer Charlie Groves was in office.  President Kornele will re-create a duplicate appointment certificate so Treasurer Salinas can be the contact person.

Condolence Cards –President Kornele informed the Board condolence cards have been sent to members in the case of death in the family, etc.

2009 Scholarship Funds –President Kornele stated in 2009 GEO donated funds for OCA scholarships.  There were no scholarships applications received prior to the 2009 Conference; therefore no scholarships were awarded.  It was proposed OCA use the funds donated by GEO in 2009 to fund additional scholarships in 2010.  The proposal passed unanimously.

Survey Monkey –President Kornele stated the 2010 combined conference committee will be using Survey Monkey. 

Donation to American Red Cross –Past President Boyer previously proposed OCA make a donation to the American Red Cross due to the recent catastrophic weather in Oklahoma.  It was proposed OCA make a donation in the amount of $500 to the Oklahoma Chapter of the American Red Cross for Disaster Relief.  The proposal passed unanimously.

2010 ACA Election –President Kornele requested the Board review the delegates for the 2010 ACA Election and advise her of their preferences.

Constitution/By-Law Change –The current post office box needs to be put in the Constitution.  The current post office box in the Constitution is “Post Office Box 54508, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73154, USA”; the Constitution needs to read “Post Office Box 12694, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73157, USA”.  President Kornele proposed the Board refer this change to the Constitution and By-Laws Committee (Chairperson – to be determined by the Vice President) and placement on the 2010 ballot.  The proposal passed unanimously.

Standing Committee Reports

  • Scholarships & Awards – none
  • Archival – President Kornele reported a metal file cabinet has been donated to OCA for archival purposes.  The current documents of the Association are stored in cardboard boxes, on the floor of the storage facility.  This would elevate the Association’s documents off of the ground.
  • Nomination & Election – Nominees must be presented to the membership 30 days prior to the conference.
  • Conference – October 20, 2010 – Biltmore, on South Meridian, Oklahoma City
  • Resolution & Legislation – none
  • Constitution & By-Laws – none
  • Budget – none
  • Membership – none

Officer Reports – none

New Business –President Kornele will check Constant Contact E-mail services for cost per month so the newsletter may be e-mailed to each member; Treasurer Salinas will check GoDaddy.com for their services also.

Minutes submitted by:    Ronnie Carrico
Approved by:                    Christie Kornele, President