Oklahoma Correctional Association
Board Meeting
November 10, 2008


The Oklahoma Correctional Association board meeting was called to order by Debbie Boyer at 8:30 a.m. in the Treatment & Rehabilitative Services Conference Room in the Cameron Building, 2901 N. Classen, Oklahoma City, OK.


Debbie Boyer, Kristin Tims, Cindy Gill, Ronnie Carrico, Christy Kornele 

  1. Old Business:


  2. Board Roles and Responsibilities

    Discussed handout attached

  3. Oklahoma Correctional Association 2008-2009 Goals

    Improve the Oklahoma Correctional Association Website

    Examine websites from other chapters and association to obtain ideas for improvement (i.e., include more pictures, etc.)

    Increase Oklahoma Correction Association membership

    Increase membership and submit for ACA;s membership award

    Debbie Boyer will ask Rick Ford and Teri Hamilton to co-chair the membership committee.

Spring Training Session

Debbie Boyer will ask Penny Brooksher or Nancy Howard about providing training about ACA accreditation

Community Service Projects

  1. Sponsor at least two projects during 2009

    Debbie Boyer will ask Anita Bailey to chair

  2. Potential Standing Committee Chairs:

    Scholarship and Awards Committee – Debbie Boyer will select
    Archival Committee – Ronnie Carrico, Christy Kornele
    Nomination/Election Committee – Christy Kornele, Cindy Gill, Ronnie Carrico, Kristin Tims
    Conference Committee – Cindy Gill and Kenny Holloway
    Resolutions and Legislation Committee – Cindy Gill will select
    Constitution and Bylaws Committee – Cindy Gill will select
    Budget Committee – Cindy Gill and Brenda Anderson
    Membership Committee – Debbie Boyer will select

  3. 2008 Conferencet:

    Overall, comments were very positive; conference workshops, registration, etc., were spread out; hospitality area was excellent; received some complaints about guest rooms – dirty, in disrepair; very nice exhibit hall.

    Debbie Boyer will seek proposals for 2009 conference.

  4. Past Presidents' Feedback:

    Past presidents thought consistency of committees was good; business meeting was back on track; website needs improvement; consider online voting; add frequently asked question link on website; get past presidents involved in community service projects; conference was great!

  5. Treasurer's Report:

    $48,637.52 in bank
    Hotel not paid
    Registrations not invoiced yet

  6. Potential 2009 Conference Committee Chairs:

    Discussed potential conference chairs.

  7. Board Meeting Calendar:


  8. Newsletter Production Schedule:

    Articles to Kristy Warren by December 12, 2008 for distribution December 19, 2008.

  9. New Business:
  10. Announcements:
  11. Adjournment:

Minutes submitted by:    Ronnie Carrico
Approved by:                     Debbie Boyer