2015 OCA-NABCJ-Oklahoma Chapter
Training Conference Planning Meeting

“BEST PRACTICES: The impact they have of the Criminal Justice System”

Division of Community Corrections Building Conference Room
July 21, 2015
1: 30 p.m.
Executive Staff/Committees Chairs/Members

Meeting minutes:

Attendance: Reginald Hines, Carl Bear, Kristin Tims, Liz Clayton, Rita Cooksey, Crystal Durfey, Nancy Howard, Jeff Woody, Leroy Young, Kim Rotelli, Karen White

Absent: Jason Bryant, Kristie Phillips, Terry Tuggle, Apryl Owens, Kimberly Owen, Russell Littlejohn, Esther Bates

Welcome: Presidents OCA-Carl Bear and NABCJ-Reginald Hines – Mr. Bear and Mr. Hines welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the meeting.

Conference Theme 2015 OCA-NABCJ Joint Training Conference
“BEST PRACTICES: The impact they have of the Criminal Justice System”

• It was decided to remove the words “they have” from the theme. It was also pointed out that “of” should be “on”. The 2015 Theme now reads “BEST PRACTICES: The impact on the Criminal Justice System.

Treasures Report Joint-Conference Checking Account: Jason Bryant

• Mr. Bear will get with Jason Bryant regarding signatures on the cards.

2015 Training Conference Chairpersons Report: Jeff Woody-Rita Cooksey

Meeting times and Deadline schedules Discussions:

• Committees were discussed. Some people were added and removed from various committees.

o Kristin Tims was removed from Program Committee
o Angela Ragan is not on Ads, Publications, Promotions, Door Prize Committee – she no longer works for the department.
o Shelley Bear and Brenda Fisher were added as Workshop Moderators
o Angela Hearrell and Jane Ensley were added to Registration Committee
o Anji Mayfield will be asked to be on registration committee
o Laurie Beckelheimer, Sara Puett, Jody England and Leda Reese have been added to Ads, Publications, Promotions, Door Prize Committee
o Rick Moham, Eric Franklin, Karen White and Jenny Dillon were added to the Scholarships Committee
o L.D. Ormand was added to Silent Auction Committee

Program Committee Discussion: Chairpersons:
Committee Members: Carl Bear, Reggie Hines, Jason Bryant, Eric Franklin, Jeff Woody, Karen White, Kristen Tims, Rita Cooksey

• Programs Committee needs to meet separately – Conference call was scheduled for Friday, July 24, 2015 at 10 am.

o Let Ms. Clayton know how many workshops after the meeting.
o Need to discuss the length of sessions.
o Need to find out what, if anything, the speakers will need from IT since the IT contract is separate from the hotel contract.
o Break-out Rooms are scheduled from 10 to 11:30 am and 1 to 2:30 pm

• It was decided the Past Presidents luncheon will be combined for both organizations.
• Keynote and Opening Session speakers were discussed. It was decided that Mary Livers, President of ACA and James Gondles, Jr., Secretary of ACA, will be invited to speak at this year’s conference. If they are unable to attend TW Shannon will be asked to speak at the conference. If he is unable to attend, JC Watts will be invited. Ms. Tims will try to contact Ms. Livers this week. Ms. Howard will follow-up with Ms. Livers when she sees her at the ACA Conference.
• It was also mentioned that Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb is a good speaker.

Host Committee Discussion: Chairperson
Members: Executive Board, Terrie Watkins, Kristin Tims, Karen White, Nancy Howard, LaDonna Anderson, Annette Marzett

• Ms. Tims, Ms. Clayton and Ms. Owen will work on letters to people.
• Kimberly Owen will work on the Letter from the Governor, the Cabinet Secretary, Director Patton and Board of Corrections.
• Kristin Tims will work on the Letters from Cleveland County Sheriff and City of Norman Mayor.
• We are needing sponsors for President Luncheon, Awards Luncheon, Wednesday lunch and Friday breakfast.

Ads, Publications, Promotions, Door Prize Committee Discussion: Chairpersons:
Members: Terrie Watkins, Kim Rotelli, Liz Clayton, Terry Tuggle, Esther Bates, Brian Thornburg, Angela Ragan, Lori Beckenheimer – added, Sara Puett – added, Jody England – added, Leda Reese – added, Andrea Howry – added

• The committee would like enough door prizes to give them out at the end of each session, during break-outs, at lunch and breakfast and at closing session.

Registration (bags/contents): Chairpersons:
Erica Hall, Apryl Owens, Tisha Williams, Crystal Durfey, Annette Marzett, Leroy Young, Angela Hearrell – added, Jane Ensley – added, Anji Mayfield – asked to be on committee
Sponsors needed

• Mr. Bear recommended we ask Brad Poston/Ron Jackson to sponsor Registration for the bags/contents.

Workshop Moderators: Chairperson NABCJ-Russell Littlejohn
Members: Beverly Henderson, Russell Littlejohn, Shelley Bear – added, Brenda Fisher – added

Training Credits Discussion:

• Mr. Hines will talk to Phil Gilstrap about training credits. Mr. Gilstrap will tell us what we need to send him.

Evaluations Committee Discussion:

Exhibits and Vendors Contracts Discussion: Chairpersons Kimberly Owens/Leroy Young

• The contract was reviewed. The theme needs to be corrected. Under Payment, Check or Money Order it says to make payable to OCA Conference. That needs to be corrected to match the bottom of the form “OCA/NABCJ Exhibit Committee”
• Ms. Clayton discussed Sam’s Club providing breakfast one day and asked if the booth fee could be waived. It was agreed the booth fee would be waived for Sam’s Club since they are going to provide Breakfast. Ms. Tims noted that she would need to talk to the hotel to make sure this is not in violation of the contract. It was also discussed and decided to ask Sam’s Club to also provide lunch one day if there are no issues with the hotel. Tentatively the breakfast and lunch will be for Thursday of the conference.
• Mr. Young stated that there will be paypal again this year and credit cards will be accepted as payment.
• It was discussed that some of our normal vendors may be hesitant to sponsor because privatizing canteen in the facilities has been opened for bidding.
• Mr. Young suggested that committee members not cold call for sponsorships. The people that have connections with the companies should be the one to contact them and discuss sponsoring the conference. Everyone agreed that this is a good idea.

Security/Transportation Discussion: Chairperson

• It was discussed that this committee will only be needed if we have out of state speakers that need a ride from the airport.

Scholarships Discussion: Mr. Reggie Hines and Mr. Carl Bear
Members: Rick Moham – added, Eric Franklin – added, Karen White – added, Jenny Dillon – added
Sponsor needed

• Both organizations have different set-ups for awarding scholarships. Mr. Hines stated that NABCJ will not have any to give out at this conference.
• Mr. Bear stated that OCA has 3 scholarships to give out at the conference.

Awards: Chairpersons: Needed

Silent Auction Chairpersons: NABCJ-A. Marzett, OCA_
Members: L.D. Ormand – added

Hospitality Committee Discussion:

• It was discussed that a Hospitality Committee may not be necessary since each attendee will receive 2 drink tickets each night and we are not allowed to bring drinks and treats in ourselves, the hotel will provide anything.

Conference Cost:
Complete the cost obligations of the conference to the Marriott Conference Center NECD.

General Discussion: All Attendees

• We will need to vote on President and Vice-President this year.

Next Meeting Date Discussion:
The next 2015 OCA/NABCJ Training Conference planning meeting will be held ____.

• No decision was made for the date & time of the next meeting.