Oklahoma Correctional Association Board Meeting
NCED Conference Center & Hotel
September 3, 2013 – 11:00 a.m.

Attendees: Terry Martin, Leroy Young, Larisa Howell, Jason Bryant, Jerry Chrisman, Janet Dowling plus committee members

Meeting Called to Order: President Terry Martin called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

Approval of Minutes: The August 9, 2013 meeting minutes were distributed for review. Janet made a motion to approve the minutes; the motion was seconded by Jerry, and passed by the board.

Treasurer’s Report: No treasurer’s report was given as John was not present.

2013 OCA Conference Update: Terry advised the committee members that the board met with Interim Director Evans prior to today’s meeting to reconfirm Director Jones’ commitment to sponsor the registration fees and hotel cost for DOC employees. A letter of justification will be written to Interim Director Evans providing the number of participants expected, the funding needed for the participants who will require registration fees only, and the funding needed for the participants who will require registration fees plus hotel rooms. Following additional discussion it was determined that the justification letter should include the following information:
Sponsorship of 75 participants for workshop registration fees
Sponsorship of 100 participants for workshop registration fees and hotel rooms
Copy of tentative workshop schedule
Conference theme
Making a total sponsorship request of $16,450 from Interim Director Evans.

Committee Updates:

Programs Committee
The workshop schedule, which is almost complete, was distributed for review and discussion. Although most of the presenters have submitted the titles of their workshop, a brief workshop description, their bio, and photo for inclusion in the program book, a few are still needed. The breakout room location for each workshop will also be determined / assigned.

Jerry advised that he spoke with Jonathan Borowka of Motivators Promotional Products about a price quote for the notebooks / portfolios with the OCA and Mid-States logos. Motivators advised they would place the OCA logo on the front of the notebooks; however it would cost approximately $60 more to place the Mid-States logo on the back. Jerry also advised that the shipping cost would be high. Once the quote for the notebooks is received, Jerry will email the information to the board members for vote. Leroy made a motion to approve the notebooks with both logos; it was seconded by Jerry, and approved by the board.

Terry advised that Norment Security, All Phase Security, and Air Tech have each committed $1,000, which can be put toward any additional costs for the notebooks. Terry also advised that the Bank of Hominy is interested in donating funds toward the scholarships.

Discussion was held regarding whether to give some type of gift to the keynote speaker, panel members, presenters, or others. It was determined that the keynote speaker should be given a gift as well as those participating on the leadership panel. The keynote speaker could be given a plaque with one of the obsolete key blanks and a plate indicating our appreciation. The leadership panel could be given a statue or some other type award. The achievement award recipient will also need to be given some type of award. Additional discussion was held in regard to having the gifts / awards made by a company that Terry is familiar with that does laser cutting / etching.

Jason advised that Ark Wrecking sponsored the President’s Reception for $500.

A pamphlet from last year’s dinner was also given to the board for review. Reservations for the dinner must be made in advance to ensure NCED is given the correct number of attendees, to include a few extras for those who decide to attend at the last minute. NCED typically prepares 10% extra, which should take care of any last minute attendees. NCED will also have approximately three center pieces to choose from for the tables. A list of names for the special tables as well as the sponsors of the dinner will also be needed and given to Courtney so the tents can be made.

Exhibits Committee
At this point 17 sponsors / vendors have confirmed and committee members are still working the list. Terry advised that checks will be arriving soon from Norment Security, All Phase Security, and Century Link. He has also contacted Air Tech about a booth.

It was also reported that we still don’t have sponsors for half of the items on the list.

Registration Committee
Tisha advised that a Pay Pal account needs to be set up for paying the registration fees, hotel costs, and dinner reservations. Janet made a motion to authorize Tisha and John to set up a Pay Pal account; it was seconded by Jerry, and passed by the board. Tisha advised that she would contact John about getting it set up and placed on the website. Following additional discussion it was determined that only non-DOC employees / participants will be required to pay the registration fees and hotel room costs since Interim Director Evans has committed financial support for the DOC employees who participate. Both DOC employees and non-DOC attendees will be required to pay for their own dinner tickets through Pay Pal. Jason advised that an electronic payment system would also be helpful to some vendors when paying for booth space and sponsorships.

Tisha advised that a statewide email will be sent regarding conference registration, the registration form, the deadline for registering, process for purchasing dinner tickets, etc. It was determined that DOC personnel will submit their registration forms to the warden’s office and non-DOC personnel will register online. All attendees will go online to purchase dinner tickets. Tisha advised that once the registration deadline passes, the registration list will be printed and the ID badges will be made. UPDATE Since Meeting: The statewide email was distributed with instructions to submit registration forms directly to Tisha or Crystal.

The goody bags will also be handed out during registration on Thursday morning.

Publications Committee
Larisa provided the following update:
• Welcome letters have been received from Terry, Mr. Evans, and NCED and given to Courtney.
• A committee member list was passed around for adding or deleting names as necessary. The list will be emailed to Courtney for inclusion in the program book.
• Invitations for the President’s Reception and Dinner were mailed on August 30th to the Board of Corrections members, past presidents, and Mr. Evans.
• Courtney advised that she sent an email to Bill Broyles requesting photos of any DOC employees that will be needed for the program book.
• Courtney advised that conference posters have been printed and will be given to those present for posting at their facilities.

The following items still need to be taken care of:
 The list of those sitting at the head table during the President’s Dinner and during other conference events / workshops so name tents can be made.
 The information needed for the poster about the dinner needs to be finalized for printing as well as the dinner program book.
 Logos will be needed from the vendors sponsoring the dinner and/or president’s table so tents can be made.
 The list of vendors / exhibitors will need to be sent to Courtney when finalized or as close as possible to being finalized.
 The titles of the workshops, the presenters, their bios, and photos will need to be sent to Courtney as soon as possible.
 A “Special Thanks” list will be needed for the program book or other information such as ACA Conference dates. It will depend on the amount of room available or needing to be filled.

Courtney advised that the conference book will be going to the printer on September 23, 2013. The program book information is in the process of being compiled and most of it should be collected by September 9th. The final date for submitting information to Courtney will be September 20, 2013. Anything received after that date will be included as an insert.

Elections Committee:
Jerry advised that bios are still needed from some of the candidates and once those are received the ballots will be sent out to the membership for vote. Terry advised that the ballots should be sent out 30 days prior to the conference.

Scholarship Committee:
Things are on track regarding the scholarships and achievement awards. The information has been posted on the website and the cut-off date is early enough that the applications and nominations can be given to the board for selection. Larisa will develop a statewide eblast regarding the process for applying and nominating.

Jerry will contact Leo Brown about conducting the invocation.

Another meeting will be held on September 19th at 10:00 a.m. in the OCI Conference Room to finalize plans for the conference. Plans will also continue in the meantime with communication through email. Jerry will arrange for the use of the OCI Conference Room following the meeting.

With no additional items of discussion, a motion was made by Jerry to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 p.m. The motion was seconded by Leroy, and passed by the board.

Minutes submitted by: Larisa Howell, Secretary

Approved by: signature on file 9-19-13
Terry Martin, President Date